It's time to own your position on snow

Download the SKEO app, connect to your Snowcookie sensors and send it. We've made some changes so your experience can be even better.

New to SKEO and Snowcookie?

Welcome! Download the free SKEO app on your smartphone and get going. SKEO measures, tracks and let's you compete with friends. Consider leveling up with better data and analytics by using the Snowcookie sensors.

Already Have Snowcookie Sensors?

Don't get comfortable, Get SKEO

Capture and analyze performance data to improve your technique,
ski more terrain and maximize your ski day.

Universal Alpine Ranking (UAR) designed by Bode Miller

UAR is a ranking system developed by Bode Miller & SKEO team. This metric helps objectively assess one’s skiing abilities. UAR is based on completing skiing quests that correspond with ski teaching guidelines to progress from level 0 to 100.

Get smart about skiing

Gain points to boost your UAR score by completing quests. Focus on stamina, speed or turn style to take your skiing to the next level.

SKEO app
  • Stake your place on the slopes

    Determine your Universal Alpine Ranking (UAR) and track your score on core skills. UAR is determined from an algorithm that factors: speed, stamina, body position, turn style and difficulty.

  • Let your competitive side loose

    Gain points to boost your UAR score by completing quests. Focus on stamina, speed or turn style to take your skiing to the next level.

  • Show off a little

    Keep working to improve your profile statistics including UAR. Connect with friends and see where you stack up.

  • Share the sport of skiing

    Never ski alone with connected ski. Fill your friend feed and share big days on your social channels.

Already Have Snowcookie Sensors?

If you were a Snowcookie app user before, it's time to make the switch to SKEO, which connects with your Snowcookie sensors. The SKEO app provides elite analytics and social connectivity so you can make the most out of your ski day.

  • New Improved Interface

    Our upgraded experience is as smooth as fresh powder, making SKEO easier to use on and off the mountain.

  • Community Growth

    Skiing is a social activity, even if we can’t be physically together. SKEO allows you to grow your community by connecting your social media and linking with friends in the app.

  • UAR

    Finally a universal metric to rank your skiing ability. Compare to others or focus on your own progress over time.

What do skiers say?

It's cool to SEE HOW YOU SKI!We had a lot of fun exploring the amazing features the snowcookie app provides. We can't wait to spend more days on snow with the cookies!Leonie and Janosch, Sölden, 10.10.2019

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your outstanding system. How I was spreading the word to whoever was interested, and they were numerous.

What a fun and invigorating new tool to hone in the turns. I found myself trying harder just knowing i was monitering myself!

Data! Snowcookie gives the data I want in real time.

This is the next revolutionary thing after the video analysis.