Skiing just got better

Snowcookie, the world’s first smart skiing system.

Snowcookie MountSnowcookie MountSnowcookie Mount

Snowcookie, the world’s first smart skiing system.


Digitally enhanced skiing has arrived.

The Snowcookie system consists of three sensors — two on your skis and one on your chest.

Each cookie is armed with cutting-edge sensors which measure your skiing, the app on your smartphone gives you insights and boosts your technique as you shred down the slopes.

Ski with snowcookieSki with snowcookie


Our team of world class ski coaches joined forces with machine learning algorithms to give you insights that will supercharge your skiing.

As you ski down, your Snowcookies record all the parameters of your skiing including speed, transition times, angles, G-forces, dynamic body positions, and many more. All in unprecedented resolution and clarity.


Snowcookie Score

The path to mastery has never been more direct.

Snowcookie score gives you a clear overview of your skiing prowess and identifies the areas where you can kick ass even more.


Snowcookie is there to awaken the ripper in you.

Snowcookie gives you feedback on your skills as you glide down the hill. You will know when to lean forward, rotate your hips, or put more power into your turns.

Have fun

Collect badges, break records and challenge your family, friends or the entire skiing world, for fun gets multiplied when it is shared with others!

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Ready to boost
your skiing?

Ready to boost
your skiing?