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Multi-sensor system that measures skiing performance and technique.

Snowcookie makes you a better and connected skier. Three wireless sensors and an app capture the complete picture of your speed, technique and body position.

Software designed to improve your skiing.

Skiing is not about numbers and parameters. It’s about feeling the crisp snow, enjoying the downhill thrill and carving beautifully.

But…numbers and parameters translated into insights let you focus you on what’s between your skiing today and mastery of the slopes.

Analyze your turns

Monitor position

Challenge your friends

Technique quantified

Snowcookie measures important skiing technique parameters, which up until now were challenging to capture.

Parameters monitored

Improve with each run

Snowcookie automatically detects your runs and tells you how well you did.

See the quantity and the quality of your skiing. 

How does your carving change from easy to challenging slopes?

See that late afternoon body position quality drop?

% Carving
% Body Position
G Forces


Snowcookie's A.I. monitors your skiing across six critical areas of performance and technique.

Skills spider chart highlights the areas where you need to focus the most. Over-rotating your shoulders when turning? Leaning forward too much? How about angulation (inserting your hips into the turn)? Little things add up when it comes to mastering the slopes.

Challenge your friends

Now you can really prove whose carving is better. Competing on speed? Anyone can do that. Proving that you’re a better skier in any terrain? Now that’s a challenge.

Relive your runs with a Journal

Tracking means that Snowcookie analyzes how your body and your skis move in real time. Replay your runs to see how your body position and technique responds to terrain changes.

Multi-layer map

Turn-by-turn analysis

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Technology Meets Alpine

Connected Skier

Snowcookies wirelessly stream motion data to your smartphone, which can process up to 3GB worth of skiing measurements in a trip. Now that’s Skiing 2.0.

Rugged Companion

Our hardware is built to last. We proudly manufacture in Switzerland in the canton where Swiss watches are made. Precise, vibration-resistant and waterproof. Ready to take on whatever slope you want to conquer.

Long battery life

Running out of power on the slopes sucks. A single charge gets your 3 days of skiing.

Wireless Charging

Zero hassle with cables, charge everything with one pad. You can also charge other Qi devices.

Charging 0

In The Box

In the box you'll find everything required to install and use the system... all you need is your phone (iPhone 6 and later) and Free App from the official iOS App Store.

What Users & Media say about us:

Outstanding system!

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your outstanding system. How I was spreading the word to whoever was interested, and they were numerous.

Mark Adams, Big Sky, MT,

Dylan Davidson

What a fun and invigorating new tool to hone in the turns. I found myself trying harder just knowing i was monitering myself!

Dylan Davidson

It's cool to SEE HOW YOU SKI!

We had a lot of fun exploring the amazing features the snowcookie app provides. We can't wait to spend more days on snow with the cookies!Leonie and Janosch, Sölden, 10.10.2019

Leonie and Janosch, Sölden, 10.10.2019


Snowcookie gives the data I want in real time.

Miku Kuriyama

3d Map!

Beautiful 3D map data will bring back the skiing memories

Hiroki Kuriyama

Next revolutionary thing in skiing.

This is the next thing after the video analysis.

Todd Kelly Former Head Coach of Squaw Valley|Alpine Meadows

Red Bull Magazine

Korrigiert deine Technik auf der Piste: Snowcookie

Digital Journal

Snowcookie launches a smart ski technology that promises to revolutionize the world of skiing.

Three-device wearable for skiers enters the market.


Snowcookie unveils sensors to track 105 things about your skiing

Die Vermessung der Skiwelt schreitet voran


Kowalskys Crashtest: Kekse für Könner


Snowcookie wearable tech review


Hit the ski slopes with data from these sensors.

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