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What operating platforms are supported?

Will Snowcookie support Android?

What other sports Snowcookie can support?

What is the sampling rate of Snowcookie measurements?

What's the price of Snowcookie set?

Who stands behind Snowcookie?

Is Snowcookie water/shockproof?

Is the mount secure?

How do you set up and calibrate Snowcookie?

How does it attach?

What is the casing made of?

What is the difference between black and yellow cookies?

Can I get a custom made color of the casing?

How long does the battery last?

How do I charge the battery?

How is Snowcookie different from PIQ or Carv?

Can I see a demo?

Where is it made?

Do I have to pay for an app separately?

How does Snowcookie deal with a lack of cell reception in the mountains?

When I am abroad, do I need data-roaming to be able to use Snowcookie?

Does it take away the job of ski instructors?

How will Snowcookie be shipped, and from where?

How can I get in touch with customer service?

What is Snowcookie exchange/return policy?

What will I get in the box?

Where is the data stored?

How should I turn it on/off?

What's the Snowcookie promise?

How can I join the team?

I have several pairs of skis. What do I do?

What are the challenges?