Bode Miller SKEO Pro Athlete Sponsorship

Are you a U16 or above alpine ski racer? Are you looking to gain an edge over your competition? And finally, do you love new technology? Then you may be a fit for the Bode Miller SKEO sponsorship.

As a SKEO sponsored athlete you will receive:

  • One SKEO Pro sensor kit to track and analyze ski metrics
  • Three sets of mounting brackets to mount SKEO on multiple pairs of skis 
  • A free race helmet with the SKEO logo

As a SKEO partner, we ask that you use SKEO at least three times per week during practice sessions (the more the better!) You will meet with the SKEO team every-other week on Zoom to discuss metrics and give feedback on the technology. You will be expected to post on social media 2-3 times per month.  In return, you will have access to evidence based training to accelerate your ski performance and be a part of the team developing the next generation of SKEO Pro for racers! You will be first to have access to the latest ski racing technology!

Click here to apply!