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Announcing SKEO Pro – Ski Smarter with Bode Miller’s Ski Sensors

Announcing SKEO Pro – Ski Smarter with Bode Miller’s Ski Sensors

In winter 2020, SKEO was launched with a mission to start a smart skiing movement, encouraging relentless progression by helping skiers understand the metrics behind their performance. "I built SKEO to let you see the details of your skiing and how to improve,” said Bode Miller.

This year, SKEO will be launching an evolution of the product that brings greater benefits to the ski racing community. SKEO Pro features were created for racers, coaches, and instructors to improve ski technique, faster. Capable of recording over 100 ski technique and performance parameters, the SKEO Pro platform makes it possible to train smarter and track progress over time. 

SKEO Pro functions as a mobile app linked to three sensors that gather skier data in real time. Two sensors are mounted to the top of the racer’s skis and the other worn on a chest sling. There is also a desktop app for coaches to evaluate data and create custom training plans.

SKEO Pro for Racers

As a racer, SKEO Pro helps you understand data behind your ski performance.

Meet the exact numbers behind your edge angles
Knowing how to tilt and bend your skis through each turn can affect finish line times. Check the symmetry of your edges and measure edge control to create the perfect arc in your turns.

Verify hip angulation
You’ve probably heard your coach shouting: “don’t lean into the turn with your body!” Here’s a tool to verify that. Measure the actual angle between your upper body. See if your turning is symmetrical in both directions.

Upper body lean correlation
Proper body lean while racing is crucial to delivering the best results. Understand why leaning back can be dangerous to your race line and how it can eliminate you from the competition.

SKEO Pro for Coaches

Coaches achieve faster results with smarter coaching.

Direct Comparison Tool
SKEO PRO makes it possible to compare athlete data on and off the hill using the coach's tablet and the web app. Athlete results can be analyzed using multiple filters:

  1. Single athlete results on the same course to determine repetitive factors
  2. Head-to-head comparison between athletes to determine which factors are dominant in the more proficient racer
  3. Day/camp/seasonal performance to track progress across the desired period

Digital Verification of Training Goals Completed
Coaches can supervise racers remotely and view data from each ski day, verifying if training goals were met

Enhanced Video Analysis with Data Overlays
Better visualization of skiing technique combined with unparalleled data from SKEO sensors creates a better understanding of the factors behind successes and errors.

Training Intensity Verification Tool
Gauge drops in athlete performance and adjust the difficulty levels to avoid injuries or overtraining from too much intensity.

The Data Behind Your Skiing

Curious what metrics SKEO Pro captures? Here’s just a subset to nerd out on:

Run Data

  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Vertical drop
  • Slope inclination
  • Duration
  • Start acceleration
  • # of runs
  • Season training log

Body Position Data

  • Body position
    (forward, backward)
  • Hip angulation
  • Ski alignment
    (wedge, parallel, skate)
  • Ski lifting

Turn Data

  • Edge angles
  • Turn count
  • Direction
  • Dominant technique
    (wedge, skidding, carving, stivot)
  • Turn type (long/short)
  • Symmetry
  • Turn initiation type (skis/torso)
  • Initiation / transition duration
  • Load distribution
  • G-force
  • Error detection
  • Pace (turns/minute)

Learn more about SKEO Pro at and order your set of sensors before they’re gone!