SKEO Snowcookie sensor

SKEO Snowcookie sensor

SKEO Snowcookie sensor


SKEO by Snowcookie 

Sensors that supercharge your skiing

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We took everything we've learned about connected skiing over the past five years and took it to the next level with our new, free app - SKEO.

When you connect Snowcookie sensors to SKEO you'll get even better technique analysis and more accurate Universal Alpine Ranking measurements. 

New features:
  • technique analysis is shown as an animated 3D skier representing your movements
  • Universal Alpine Ranking - the only truly objective measure of skiing technique developed with Bode Miller
  • advanced turn analytics
  • body position 


SKEO by Snowcookie Kit includes:

    • 3x Snowcookie sensors in premium Swiss Black
    • 2x adhesive ski mounts
    • one-size-fits-all chest harness 
    • wireless charging pad
    • operating instructions
  • Designed and manufactured in Switzerland.
  • Price includes Free Express Shipping worldwide via FedEx (3-5 days) and applicable taxes.
  • Snowcookie Ski Tracker iOS app is available now. 
  • SKEO for Android and iOS apps will support Snowcookie sensors in February 2021.
  • Snowcookie mounting plate adhesives are compatible with flat surface skis only. (optionally, you may use a single screw to fix the mounts to the skis)
  • You'll receive a power supply compatible with the plug standard used in your country.


Turn analysis

See the quantity and the quality of your skiing.

Skiing Position

Monitor your skiing position with the chest cookie.

Challenge friends

Now you can really prove whose carving is better.

Technique assesment

Snowcookie's A.I. monitors your skiing across six critical areas of performance and technique.


Data samples are taken 50 times per second (50Hz) from all three sensors.

Battery life

Battery life up to 3 days of skiing.

Improve with each run

SKEO by Snowcookie automatically detects your runs and tells you how well you did.

Edge angles

Monitor your progress

SKEO by Snowcookie delivers accurate information about your skiing technique, intensity and position. Observe your progress on a six-axis spider chart.