Precisely measure ski and body mechanics

Capture and analyze performance data to improve your technique, ski more terrain and maximize your ski day

left ski, right ski and the chest SKEO sensors that capture body movements and help analyse ski technique. A sample app screen with automatic turn parameters recognition

Capture and see what was invisible in your skiing techinque

SKEO PRO features were created for racers, coaches, and instructors to improve ski technique, faster. Capable of recording over 100 ski technique and performance parameters thanks to its three sensors, the SKEO platform makes it possible to train smarter and track progress over time. Whether you’re using SKEO to evaluate your individual racing metrics or the Coaches Toolkit to advance your team – it’s time to join the connected ski revolution.

Edge Angle

See what was previously impossible to observe!
Know the exact edge angles of your inside and outside ski to check if you're not "A-framing."
Compare your left and right turns to check if your skiing is symmetrical. Carve a perfect railroad track and stun everyone.

SKEO app screen showing edge angles of both skis on a GPS ski track with all turns and their parameters such as symmetry, edge angles, transition time and heat-mapped speed automatically recognised and shown.

Hip angulation

Hip angulation tells you if you correctly tip your body relative to the slope and the turn direction.
Correct angulation during high-speed skiing helps you maintain a higher edge angle while your body mass center is still in a safe zone.

Hip angulation parameter of ski technique shown on a screen of the new SKEO app. Hip angulation tells you if you correctly tip your body relative to the slope and the turn direction.

Get smart about training

Data-driven progress. Get smarter about your training

  • Capture every turn

    With SKEO sensors, capture and analyze the parameters of every single turn - angles, load distribution, symmetry and more

  • Measure G-forces

    See where you compete with jet-fighter pilots and where you’ve got room to step up

  • Monitor hip angulation and body position

    Gain real-time insights into your body’s biomechanics to improve with each run

  • Log all runs automatically

    SKEO recognizes your training runs, lifts and every single turn you take to make it easy to use every time you ski

No magic, just math

Following Peter Drucker’s thought of “what gets measured gets managed”, SKEO was built to measure what was once invisible in your skiing, uncovering actionable insights. Built around Bode’s goal of increasing access to better ski technique and Martin’s goal of increasing the rate of improvement, SKEO is a revolution in connected ski technology

Understand data behind your skiing

Meet the exact numbers behind your edge angles

Knowing how to tilt and bend your skis through each turn can affect finish line times. Check the symmetry of your edges and measure edge control to create the perfect arc in your turns.

Verify hip angulation

You’ve probably heard your coach shouting: “don’t lean into the turn with your body!” Here’s a tool to verify that. Measure the actual angle between your upper body. See if your turning is symmetrical in both directions.

Upper body lean correlation

Proper body lean while racing is crucial to delivering the best results. Understand why leaning back can be dangerous to your race line and how it can eliminate you from the competition.
Dr Martin Kawalski and Bode Millers developed the SKEO ski technique wearable system and app.
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What do skiers say?

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your outstanding system. How I was spreading the word to whoever was interested, and they were numerous.

What a fun and invigorating new tool to hone in the turns. I found myself trying harder just knowing i was monitering myself!

Data! Snowcookie gives the data I want in real time.

This is the next revolutionary thing after the video analysis.