Skiing professionals - coaches, instructors and racers have been testing Snowcookie throughout the past season and they love it.


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Warren Smith

Warren Smith of Warren Smith Ski academy on using Snowcookies in Verbier, Switzerland.

Phil Brown

Phil Brown on testing Snowcookie.

Bruce Crowley

We asked Bruce how he feels the product, and who it is for.

Direct Comparison Tool

SKEO PRO makes it possible to compare athlete data on and off the hill using the coach's tablet and the web app. Athlete results can be analyzed using multiple filters:
  • Single athlete results on the same course to determine repetitive factors
  • Head-to-head comparison between athletes to determine which factors are dominant in the more proficient racer
  • Day/camp/seasonal performance to track progress across the desired period

Digital Verification of Training Goals Completed

Coaches can supervise racers remotely and view data from each ski day, verifying if training goals were met

Enhanced Video Analysis with Data Overlays

Better visualization of skiing technique combined with unparalleled data from SKEO sensors creates a better understanding of the factors behind successes and errors.

Training Intensity Verification Tool

Gauge drops in athlete performance and adjust the difficulty levels to avoid injuries or over-training from too much intensity.