SKEO wearable ski technique sensor platform with. Skier with qualified performance and technique data visualised .

Discover your skiing performance and technique.

Three  sensors capture the complete picture of your speed, technique and body position. The app shows you what's invisible in skiing. 

Three SKEO ski technique wearable sensors and an app.
Technology meets alpine

Upgrade your UAR Scale

Advanced technology to advance your skiing. Use the Snowcookie sensors sensors linked with the SKEO app to unlock advanced analytics and a comprehensive Universal Alpine Ranking (UAR). Factor in speed, stamina, body position, turn style and terrain difficulty to a complete picture of your ski performance.

Edge Angles

See what was previously impossible to observe! Know the exact edge angles of your inside and outside ski to check if you're not "A-framing." Compare your left and right turns to check if your skiing is symmetrical. Carve a perfect railroad track and stun everyone.

Edge angles - improve with each turn. Fast skier in a very aggressive carving turn. Extreme edge angles measured by the SKEO system and ski technique sensors placed on the skis.

Skiing Position

Snowcookie monitors the orientation of your torso and skis. The sensors measure forward/backward lean, hip angulation, and torso rotation - useful in learning more about your turns.

Skiing position

Lateral Balance

Snowcookie can tell if you're correctly distributing body mass between inside and outside ski of the turn. This is critical, especially when you gain speed and the slope is getting steeper. Pay attention to always have a bit more load on the outside ski of the turn. 

Lateral balance


Ever wondered how much g-force your body has to withstand while skiing? With Snowcookie that’s possible! Check your runs and see what was your peak performance while shredding the slopes.


Hip Angulation

Hip angulation tells you if you correctly tip your body relative to the slope and the turn direction. 

Correct angulation during high-speed skiing helps you maintain a higher edge angle while your body mass center is still in a safe zone.

Hip angulation

Precisely Measure Ski and Body Mechanics

Run Data Body Position Turn data
Speed Body position Edge angles
Distance Hip angulation Turn count
Vertical Drop Ski alignment Direction
Slope inclination Ski lifting Dominant technique
Duration Turn type (long/short)
Start Acceleration Symmetry
Number of runs Turn initiation type (skis/torso)
Season training log Transition duration
Load distribution
Error detection
Pace (turns/minute)

Coaches about connected skiing (r)evolution

Skiing professionals - coaches, instructors and racers have been testing Snowcookie throughout the past season and they love it.

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