Spider Chart explanation


Max speed metric shows your top speed clocked on your runs.

Average speed metric shows your average speed calculated from certain amount of runs.

Max G is the maximum G-force.

Turn IQ

Maximum angle represents max average edging on inner and outer ski of the turns. To master your technique try to produce greater angles and keep them simmilar.

Edge control value represents your dynamics in getting on the edges and ability to maintain stabile inclination of the edges throughout the whole turn.

Balance value shows how you distribute your body mass between inner and outer ski of the turn. Definitely avoid greater value on the inner ski than on the outer.


Ski time value is active skiing time during run.

Pauses value is a pause time during run.

Total distance metric shows a total distance covered skiing down.

Ski efficiency represents a percentage value of active skiing time in corelation to total time spent with the app in record mode.


Flow value represents how fluent your skiing is. This means that you can maintain speed when changing type of turns or linking them into streaks.

Streaks measurement shows the longest quality turns streak registered during your skiing.

Turn types is a graphic bar that shows a percentage of long or short turns in correlation to skiing straight.

Body position

Hip angulation metric represents the symmetry of hip angulation during turns. Try to keep the numbers simmilar for both sides and increase those values when gaining more speed on steeper slopes.

Skiing position is a visual representation of types of skiing position (eg. correct, leaninig backward, leaninig forward) registered during skiing.

Turn initiation metric indicates the erroneus factor of initiating turns from your upper body. Percentage value represents how many of your turns were initiated incorrectly.


Slope angle metric shows the maximum average slope inclination calculated from your runs.

Time in turns is a percantage value of time spent in turn in correlation to total skiing time.

Number of turns metric shows the total number of runs taken during run.