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Installation & Setup Process

Installation of snowcookie is just as easy as sticking gopro to your anything. In the box you'll find everything you need for that. Althrough Installation is crucial for device to work at its best, so lets focus on most important things:

Check compatibility

Make sure your skis allow to mount the sensors, and you have phone with barometer (iPhone 6 and better )

Installing the Mounts

This is important. Install the mounts in warm and dry environment, 24h before skiing!

Internet connection

You need to have connection for account setup. You can ride offline later, but the first settings needs server communication.

Location Services

You need to setup location services to: Always Allow. We do not gather your location data if app is not recording, but IOS system blocks recording if app is in background sometimes, this prevents this issue.

Ski compatibility

For secure installation of the mounts make sure your skis are flat in area in front of the bindings.

Our adhesive tape works best with flat surface skis. If you have surface that have very uneven structure, or any elements that limit the adhesive surface, we suggest to install the mounts with additional security, like screws or safety leash to prevent the sensors from falling out.

Mounts Installation Procedure

Follow these steps to install the mounts the best possible way.

1. Clean the surface

First thing is to prepare the surface for the sticky tape. Make sure you ungrease the surface, you can use our alcohol wipe, or use something stronger, depending on your skis condition.

2. Let it Dry

Make sure the cleaned surface dried well. You can use some paper towels to make the process faster.

3. Peel off the protective tape

Peel off the red protective layer from a mounting plate…

4. Locate the position

Place it centrally on the ski 5 to 10cm in front of the binding.

Make sure the egg shape mount is facing top of the ski.

5. Press Hard

Apply pressure for several seconds to ensure that the tape holds. 

6. Let it dry for 24h

We strongly recommend to let it dry for 24 h before hitting the slopes.

Now you can install the application.

Now is the moment to install the app on your iPhone. We strongly recommend to do it at home, because you need to have an internet connection, and place to perform initial calibration.

Snowcookie – Smart Ski Tracker App* is available on Apple App Store

*snowcookie app is compatible with:
iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus, iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X or newer

Connecting the Snowcookies

Follow steps in the app, they are pretty simple. It's good to have devices charged before that.

1. Charge the devices first

We try to maintain the devices charged in the storage time. But for optimal battery life, it is good to charge the device before connecting to the app.

2. Create the account in the app

Now, you’ll create your account to comply with all the rules we have to line up with, but there is a good side of this, your runs will be synced and available for analysis, even after you’ll change your phone.

3. Connect the devices

Connecting devices is easy, just turn them on during the onboarding in the app, and they will automatically be assigned to Left Right and Center functions. You can unpair them for use with another app.

More Tutorials

You can learn more on our Youtube Channel

We've prepared detailed videos on connecting, using, and mounting of snowcookie system.